Hello and welcome to my blog!


I’m Chanelle, a nutritionist specializing in autoimmune issues and functional nutrition. My blog, Delicious by Chanelle, is all about holistic health, living symptom free, fitness, beauty, lifestyle and pretty much everything I can’t shut up about.

I got an Associates in Functional Food Chemistry then went on and graduated from the University of Utah in Nutrition and Online Media Marketing with an emphasis on Medical Writing. Once graduated, I worked closely with two naturopathic doctors in simplifying autoimmune disease protocols and helping traditional doctors implement holistic healing into their medical practices.

Over the next few years, I put thousands of people through autoimmune protocols helping them live symptom free. Free of the debilitating mental pain associated with autoimmune diseases as well as the everyday uncomfortable and flat out disgusting side effects of issues such as candida, fibromyalgia and varying thyroid issues. I’m not a doctor and I’m not your doctor. This is not meant to treat any illness or disease. It’s simply a guide to give your body what it needs so that your body can do the magic. The magic is healing.

I went on to formulate and help launch the product line and protocol Love Your Gut™ a brand of Avisae. Helping thousands of people in the United States and Canada regain their health and their place as kings and queens of the porcelain throne. No longer enslaved by the “crap” that held them back. The products have been expertly formulated, sourced from the best and third party tested to ensure safety and efficacy. A lot of jargon for saying they’re clean and they work amazingly.

I currently head up our products department as VP of Product Development of Avisae.

This program, though created by me, is all about you. I poured my whole heart into it because I want you to finally feel better, to look better, and to live better.

Ask questions and offer suggestions, let’s build a community where we can talk about thyroid disorders, depression, poop and everything in between!