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I get asked all the time what non-toxic skincare I love, so I'm finally sharing my best-kept secret…

Whenever my readers & friends talk about switching out their current makeup and skincare products for a clean beauty line, the top 2 concerns that always come up are: not wanting to break out, and not trusting that the safer products will work as well.

And let me just say, I hear you!

I don’t mess around with skin care either because I actually have pretty finicky skin myself. Between struggling with severe acne to dryness to good ol’ aging skin in general, I’ve experimented with MANY different product lines. From super high end to 100% natural, I’ve tried it all!

Throughout my many years of experimentation, whenever I would find something that worked well for me, I always ended up feeling uneasy about the product’s safety (or lack thereof). But, because because my skin was so finicky, I would just tell myself that it was okay to settle and that I couldn’t always make the healthiest choices, and then continued using the product.

And BTW…I still stand by that mindset, to an extent.

I don’t buy everything organic or local, but I do my best with what’s realistic for my lifestyle. I pick my battles, make the best choice I can for my circumstances, and then move on with my life.

I approach skincare and makeup in the same way. For example, I didn’t overhaul ALL of my makeup and skincare at once. Instead, I waited until I ran out of each item and then replaced each piece in my collection one at a time (except for the products that were so bad that switching them out ASAP was worth it). Slowly switching out one product at a time also helped me gauge how my skin was reacting to each new product I brought into my skin regimen. 

 Oh Baby, Baby!

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