Holistically minded hospital bag


I should preface this with I’m an over packer. That sounds like a weak representation of how serious of an over packer I really am. I’m just really EXTRA when it comes to what I carry with me.

Grabbing snacks for the movies includes every flavor of those prebiotic gummies, beef jerky, not one but two cans of zevia, sliced cucumbers with a little jar of my Presto Pesto, recipe courtesy of The Gut Refresh.

I HAVE to be prepared. Soooo packing a hospital bag that wouldn’t overwhelm me and the Mr but just have the items that will make it stress free-ish is important to me. I googled, I asked my Instagram Fam and I asked every Joe Schmo what they packed for the babies big debut. This post I can’t take credit for because it was a community effort but hey they say “it takes a village”


Check In Items

  • Photo ID

  • Insurance Card

  • Hospital Forms

  • Birth plan. This is so that you, your doctor, nurses, birthing partner and doula are all on the same page as to what your plan A is but also include your birth ideals because as things change due to circumstances you’ll want to be flexible but also get as close to what you want as possible. For example, I wanted to experience the whole delivery free of pain medication but when Coco’s heart rate dropped, I also knew that I didn’t want to have a c-section medication free but if I could avoid a c-section than I would. I used this pregnancy program and in her booklet is a birth plan sheet that you fill out.


The Techy Stuff

  • Cell phone

  • Wall charger with long chord

  • Portable charger, I love my gold one

  • Camera if you’re not using your cell phone for pics

  • Speakers for labor music

Keepin It Covered

  • 2 pairs of pj’s that provide easy access to the ta-tas. I bought this set and this set. Then when I got home I found this set on Amazon for a killer deal.

  • Robe

  • Slippers

  • Warm socks

  • Comfortable going-home clothes in six-month maternity sizes

  • Flat going home shoes

Keepin it clean


Setting the mood

  • Playlists. I was given the advice of creating a gym-like playlist, a chill playlist and one that helps you focus.

  • Essential oils for each stage of labor. clary sage, aromatouch®, lavender or serenity®, citrus bliss® and peppermint. I’ll make sure to do a blog post on when to use each oil.

  • Mini salt lamp

  • Mini essential oil diffuser

  • Silk pillow case and eye-mask

Taking care of down there

  • Perineum spray! I was fortunate to not get any perineum tearing but when they vacuumed out Coco, they caught my labia! Yes cry for me. I had to get 2 stitches but it healed up within a week. The spray helps it to heal quickly and without crazy chemicals.

  • Perineal Balm. The hospital gave me balm but it was filled with garbage that I didn’t want anywhere near my vajayjay. I hurried and snagged this 2-pack off of Amazon and felt loads better about taking care of my down there.

  • Peri Bottle. The hospital also gave me one but it wasn’t near as user friendly as this one. However, they both do the same thing so if you wanna save some cash just use the hospital one.

  • Period panties, Depends, Always Discreet, or feel free to use the mesh undies the hospital gives you. It was about 50/50 on my Instagram survey, so I packed period panties and depends. (*revised!! Period panties did NOT hold up under the pressure of what goes on downstairs right after birth but are fabulous about a week later when the leaking is lighter and you wanna feel like a normal person)

Mama’s got to eat

  • Pre+probiotics pixie’s. The transient bacteria in the pre+probiotics pixie’s passes through the breast milk and can reduce your babies chance of being colicky as well as improving their immune system. Plus it will help with that postnatal poop no one told me about.

  • Prenatal vitamin. You still want to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. This will also help with your postnatal mental health while bumping up your breast milk nutrition.

  • Repair+. The fiber will help with the postnatal poop. It’s a thing. TRUST ME. There’s also herbs that help reduce inflammation and increase motility which get messed up with pain killers.

  • Protein shakes. We packed these ready-to-drink protein shakes. They’re vegan and don’t have any of the top food allergens. I’m going to be doing my low FODMAP, GUT REFRESH program post natal to make sure she’s getting all the gut goodies she needs but also none of the top food allergens.

  • I snagged a bunch of snacks for Mark and I that you can find in my Amazon Shop.

  • WATER, WATER, WATER… I brought my Yeti and flexible silicone straws which made it easy to get me hydrated even with laboring in a bathtub.


Oh Baby Baby

  • 2 baby outfits or one outfit for each day you’re in the hospital.

  • 2 swaddles


  • Non toxic baby wash. If you can get away with waiting till you get home to bath the babe, I’d recommend doing that. They’re coated with a film that helps build their skins microbiome but with Coco being vacuumed out, they needed to clean her head to check the cut it caused her head.

  • Non toxic Diapers & baby wipes

  • I store everything, I mean everything in these reusable silicon bags.

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I just love your guts!!

Chanelle Cozette Doyle



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