Detox Charcoal Lemonade


WARNING: Ish is about to get real.... 


A tempest befell my GI tract this weekend, wreaking unspeakable agony and irreparable emotional damage. The only reasonable conclusion was that a demon had temporarily taken possession of my body and was taking it for a joy ride. I unwillingly became intimately familiar with my toilet and tested it’s capabilities for 8 long hours.

Google MD was all over the map with unhelpful insights; I could have had food poisoning, a stomach flu, cancer or #OperationKnockedUp could have took.

Regardless of the clinically accurate diagnosis, the heaving and lurching compelled me to question if life was even worth living. As fluids shot out both ends simultaneously, I concluded it wasn’t, but I was too weak and nauseated to do anything drastic.

24hrs later, 5 lbs lighter and feeling like a new woman, I emerged from this saga of bodily turmoil like a butterfly from its cocoon- a disgusting, painful, traumatizing, miserable cocoon.


Hi, welcome to TMI ville, where everything galant and everything gross is welcomed subject matter. It’s what I do. I talk about people’s guts- and by the time someone has come to me to talk about their bowels, it’s likely not a dinner time story.

Nobody is immune from sickness. We’ve all been there. So how do we get back up off the bathroom floor, more resilient than ever before?

There are a lot of ways to get your loins back, but today I wanted to mention this fun and tasty charcoal lemonade concoction that did just the trick!


Note: It is more potent to do straight up activated charcoal in the form of supplements, like a capsule because of the acidity in the lemons. However, the idea of swallowing a pill just didn’t go over well for me, so I opted for sipping on this sweet lemonade and felt HUGE relief.

This Activated Charcoal Lemonade will detox the ish out of you.


Charcoal Lemonade


a series of drinks that are delicious, gut friendly, body benefitting and of course totally instagrammable.!

Goods To Get:


  • Mix it all together and drink up!



So let’s break down why I snag charcoal at times like this..

I use charcoal toothpaste and read that charcoal was notorious for its ability to adsorb (with a D) toxins. It attracts them like a magnet and escorts them out of the building, if you will. (It doesn’t absorb, with a B).

Activated Charcoal is “activated” when a high temperature is used in combination with an activating agent that expand its surface area. This gives activated charcoal adsorbing capabilities.

Charcoal comes in a couple varieties and is found in a few products already. I use it in toothpaste and mouthwash a couple times a week and it can be used to adsorb smells kinda like baking soda does.

If you get the sense that you’re about to succumb to a sickness, you can take them in capsules, or you can try it in a morning smoothy or applesauce.

Suggested Use: 

It’s suggested you use 500 to 1000mg a couple times a day. Of course, always consult a physician if things get worse. You can give activated charcoal to your kids, but that will vary on their size and age, so play it safe with just a dash, maybe 200mg. But I’d certainly check with your pediatrician first and foremost!

The charcoal lemonade doesn’t have to be exclusive to days of abhorrent sickness and gastrointestinal devastation. A weekly sip can be a refreshing pre emptive strike on any wandering virus!

What are some of your GET WELL QUICK tips?!

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I just love your guts!!

Chanelle Cozette Doyle


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