Chocolate Chip Protein Dough


Don’t eat the cookie dough they said…

You’ll get sick they said…

Well those people can check their negativity at the door because we’re going to eat ALL the dough.

I formulated Daily Indulge to be a protein sweat treat that you can make smoothies with, bake or just add water. It has high quality protein, added digestive enzymes for sensitive tummies and tastes like cake batter.

Goods To Get:


  • Mix it all together, refrigerate or freeze in a stasher bag!

Product Perks:

  • The whey protein in Daily Indulge is grass fed, no hormone added whey protein with low lactose.

  • Added digestive enzymes to help break down yo protein into muscle loving, skin rebuilding amino acids. This is super beneficial if you’ve ever had trouble with whey.

  • Added multi vitamin, making it great for filling in any nutritional gaps.

  • Tastes amazing with just water, in a produce packed smoothie or to bake with!

  • Coconut oil has great fats to help feed your hormones. ;-) bye bye hangry feelings.

  • If you have tummy troubles and can’t handle chocolate chips then swap them out for carob chips.

  • Swap out the Daily Indulge for Collagen if you’re on the REPLACE phase of The Gut Refresh.

If you make this recipe & share it please tag me and the blog url. Thanks for all your support!! I just love your guts!!

Chanelle Cozette Doyle


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