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This just in: A Los Angeles judge has ruled that our beloved coffee companies must carry a warning label on their cups. Not because they’re hot or overpriced, but because they contain chemicals that can CAUSE CANCER! Uh… excusez moi?

Here’s the insider’s scoop- The council for Education and Research on Toxins, a nonprofit group, sued Starbucks and 90 other companies under a state law that requires warnings on a whole range of different chemicals that may cause cancer. One of those is acrylamide, a carcinogen found in coffee.

Not just in any coffee, specifically roasted coffee.

Green coffee bean, a natural source of energy that is in an obscene number of products I take, have taken or will yet take, doesn’t produce the same chemical

( I wipe the sweat from my brow).


“The lawsuit was brought under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, passed by voters in 1986. It allows private citizens, advocacy groups and attorneys to sue on behalf of the state and collect a portion of civil penalties.

The law has been credited with reducing chemicals that cause cancer and birth defects, such as lead in hair dyes, mercury in nasal sprays and arsenic in bottled water.”  USA TODAY

I’ve seen a growing trend among Instagrammers who are choosing to abandon their sacred morning coffee rituals and instead, relying on matcha or cacao to awaken them from their dreaded morning doldrums.

I jumped on the natural breakfast liquid bandwagon before it was a bandwagon a looonnngg time ago. I didn’t ditch my daily dose because it causes cancer, but because the multitude of other issues coffee can cause. My adrenal glands were already worn out from who knows how much caffeine and my gastrointestinal walls couldn’t take any more unnecessary abuse.

My new energy inducing morning beverage of choice is raw cacao.

What cacao lacks in flavor, it makes up for with bitter, (some say “disgusting”) life- sustaining nutrients. There isn’t anything unnatural or artificial about cacao, which anyone with taste buds will attest. However, I have taken it upon myself to overcome this foul tasting delicatessen. I dress up our superfood friend with collagen, coconut oil, stevia and a little love in order to effectively to beat the bitter.

I present to you the tried, the true, the original:

Coco’s Collagen Latte™

Coco's Collagen Latte™ is packed with gut friendly goodies like collagen & fat’s your stomach needs to produce the right amount of stomach acid, while still being a warm drink you’ll absolutely love and with a boost of theobromine!


Product Perks:


A Natural Mood Elevator and Antidepressant

Move over Xanax, cacao is in the building. Just who does Cacao think they are? Well, since you asked, cacao is a great source of not one, not two, not three, BUT FOUR scientifically proven bliss neurotransmitters - serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine. These bliss inducing chemicals are associated with cosy feelings of happiness and can even alleviate depression.  

A natural, healthy, delicious and more importantly, legal way to get your happy buzz..


Raw Organic Cacao has over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries. It’s ORAC score is 98,000 per 100g, vs blueberries at a mere 2,400.  ORAC scores measure the ability of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, which cause cell and tissue damage. This damage can lead to diseases such as cancer and slightly less traumatizing; premature aging!! (crowd gasps in unison)

Highest Plant-Based Source of Iron

Cacao is the highest plant-based source of iron known to man/women/other. It comes in at a whopping 7.3mg per 100g. Trust me, that’s a lot. This compares to beef and lamb at a pathetic and humiliating 2.5mg, and spinach a respectable 3.6mg.  It’s helpful to note that the iron in cacao is non-heme (as is all plant-based iron), so in order for you to get the maximum benefits, you'll want to combine it with some vitamin C (Try an orange or this Vitamin C Spray). And if you’re not sold on it yet, Iron is a strong allie in the fight against acne!

Full of Magnesium for a Healthy Heart & Brain

Raw Organic Cacao is also one of the highest plant-based sources of magnesium. Scholars and imbeciles alike agree that it’s arguably the most deficient mineral in the Western world.  Magnesium is important for a healthy heart, and helps turn glucose into energy, which enables your brain to work with laser-sharp clarity and focus. Magnesium is just one of the tips/tricks found in my Banish Brain Fog blog post.

More Calcium Than Cow's Milk

The next time someone pours a glass of milk, slap it out of their hand to the ground. This jarring act and ensuing mess and clean up will be so scarring, they will never forget that milk is worthless garbage. Milk doesn’t in fact do the body any good whatsoever. Raw Organic Cacao has more calcium than cow's milk. 160mg per 100g vs only 125mg per 100ml of milk. I always knew that chocolate was the real hero in life. What milk does have over cacao is a load of unhelpful hormones and a gut wrenching dollop of fart friendly, bloating lactose.




Touted as a beauty supplement, collagen has been getting a lot of play as of late. Collagen is responsible for youthful, glowing skin. It helps with joints, bones, cartilage and it’s also great for your gut. It’s part of the reason Bone Broth has made such a huge comeback. You can DIY with this recipe and also check out my Beauty Collagen Greens post! 

Coconut Oil

I could pour coconut oil on top of my entire life. I’m obsessed with roasting veggies in it; cooking up scrambled eggs with it; it’s a natural lubriCAN (not lubricant) as well as using it as a healthy fat inclusion in my Coco’s Collagen Latte.

Introducing coconut oil on the daily, will benefit your brain and joints and increase your body’s ability to burn fat and to stay energized.


Macros in One Serving:

18 grams protein
3 grams fat for coconut butter or 14 for coconut oil
7 grams carbohydrates


1 cup coconut milk
1 cup boiling hot water
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
2 scoop collagen peptides 
1 tablespoon coconut butter or for a creamier taste coconut oil

Add stevia to taste 

Cacao nibs to sprinkle on top if desired

Optional: 1 pitted date (make sure it is soft so it blends easily)

*only add if on phase REINTRODUCTION during The Delicious Detox Gut Refresh


Add it all together in a blender, blend, pour and enjoy!!

CCRecipeHack: I've also omitted the cacao for phase REPLACE in The Delicious Detox Gut Refresh and swapped out the stevia for this coconut stevia and it tastes amazing. If you're on the go then snatch up these coconut oil packets, this single serve collagen and ask for steamed coconut milk from your local barista and BAM WAM THANK YOU MA'AM you have yourself a latte fit for the #GUTLIFE

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I just love your stinkin guts!