Everything But The Bagel.... & Tummy Troubles


If Instagram designated a food seasoning Prom Queen,

“Everything But The Bagel” would be crowned.

This exquisite seasoning is a sure fire winner in my “go to” for meal prep. It’s easy, it tastes delicious, there’s just one problem...

The tantalizing Garlic/Onion duo that makes this seasoning so wonderful, is also the smelly culprit behind a lot of gut issues!


They seem so innocent, but I’ve got women sliding into my DM’s daily who can’t quite figure out what’s been sneaking into their clean diets perpetuating tummy troubles.

Garlic and onions contain fructans *audience gasps in disbelief*

Fructans can cause stomach irritability in the same way lactose or gluten can for those who are sensitive. Fructan is an oligosaccharide which represents the O in FODMAP. Both garlic and onion contain these tummy terrors because they are malabsorbed in the small intestine. When these fructans are not digested properly, they can ferment and cause issues like bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea.

The amount of fructans varies depending on whether the garlic is fresh or dried.

Dried garlic contains about three times as many fructans as fresh garlic, so if you must, go fresh or brace yourself for the ensuing bowel revolution.



Unfortunately avoiding them is difficult, because these pungent allium vegetables just so happen to be staple ingredients in many broths, stocks, stews, dressing and dishes. Be leery and vigilant when you’re fixing your gut, because small irritants like these often creep into otherwise perfect dishes and slow your progress.

If bloating and diarhea aren’t good enough, fructans can also show up on the skin as a rash or as acne; causing more stress, because, well,duh- zits are stressful.


— Chanelle Cozette

For real though, you can reverse these issues. In The Delicious Detox, Gut Refresh you eliminate till your gut is healed then learn how to reintroduce these bad breath brothers without all the nasty side effects.

Once your gut has healed, your microbiome balanced and your food sensitivities take a hike then you can REINTRODUCE garlic and onions as much as you want. Sprinkling Everything But The Bagel on EVERYTHING! 

What to sprinkle EVERYTHING BUT THE BAGEL on?


If you’re determined to add onion or garlic during the REMOVE phase, here are some helpful insights AKA #CCguthacks:

The fructan content in onion and garlic are soluble in water.

So... if you put onion or garlic into a soup or stock, some of the fructan content will leach out into the water. So don’t go this route.

However, in an oil based dish, the fructans will not leach out.  Therefore, it is possible to add a large piece of onion or a whole garlic clove and simply pull the pieces out before adding other ingredients. This way you will have the flavor without the fructan content spilling out into your meal and destroying everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Another route to sneak onion or garlic flavoring into your food can be done by using the green parts of spring onion or replacing the onion altogether and use chives. They won’t need to be sautéed as long as regular onions and you may prefer to add them into the pot later in the cooking process.


For some garlic flavor you can make your own garlic infused olive oil to use in lieu of your regular oil or if you're like me.. you can buy it. I’m obsessed with this garlic infused sunflower oil as well as this garlic infused olive oil!

The Indian spice Asafoetida powder can also be used as a spice to replace onion and garlic. It's pretty much the worst kept FODMAP secret the internet has to offer and I'm grateful for it! (be careful when using it as it has a potent smell).

Other low FODMAP flavors include ginger, fresh herbs, spices, lemon and lime juice.

Everyone’s tolerance to varying flavors and foods is different, so it’s best to test out some of these strategies yourself and make these decisions only after having had your own personal experience.

Since I bought the EVERYTHING BUT THE BAGEL seasoning in bulk off of Amazon, I'm needed more things to try it on. 



Gimme all your ideas! Also, what food do you need a #CCguthack for?


Chanelle Cozette


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