Gut Friendly Italian Soda


WELL. I’m officially in love with the month of July. The food is fabulous, I mean those BBQ’d skewers like the ones I made for the 4th of July were amazing, bacon wrapped asparagus, grilled veggies & of course ice cold summer sips…

Here in Utah we not only celebrate the 4th of July in a BIG way but then 20 days later we do it all over again for Pioneer Day!!


Starbucks drive through on these skorching days were my BFF. I consistently get my favorite #CCstarbucks drink which includes a couple splashes of coconut milk. It makes for a creamy cold one but even omitting the classic syrup and replacing it with stevia, this drink still has sugar & some not so great ingredients that are in the coconut milk.

Here and there I’m not too worried but when it’s an e’re day thang then that’s when I’ve gotta level up.



If you’re an OG subscriber than you are fully aware that my love for Zevia runs long and deep. I get it on autoship here just so that I can get 15% off. Yep, I’m that person but I NEVER have to remember or so that I NEVER run out. 

I had this lightbulb moment as I was getting my Zevia fix that I could make an italian soda’esque drink, but without all the gut wrenching chemicals.

It’s 3 Ingredients, maybe 4 if you want it extra sweet & i’m telling ya…. it’s so gosh dang refreshing!!


Goods To Get:



  • Freeze the coconut milk in an ice cube maker, I picked these silicon pineapple shaped ones!

  • Once frozen, add a few cubes into a glass, pour Zevia on top then top with coconut milk whipped cream.

  • Optional, add the rootbeer flavored stevia to the coconut milk cubes.

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I just love your guts!!

Chanelle Cozette Doyle


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