Banish Brain Fog


Raise your hand if you’re in a perpetual state of brain fog

*2,345,678,457 hands shoot straight up.

Jokes, Jokes. All 10 of you who visit my blog are probably raising your hands though and you my friends are who I’m writing this for.

If you constantly lose your keys, mind and what words to say next don’t blame yourself mamma, blame it on your gut!

Not that I’m passing out free passes to get out of that responsibility but brain fog aka loss of mental clarity, difficulty concentrating and day to day forgetfulness are all tall tale signs that your gut isn’t getting the love it needs.

Inflammation in your body is to blame, in particular, your digestive tract and it creates more issues than Vogue.

You read that right Vogue. Actually I meant to say to “That’s right: brain fog isn’t caused by your brain but by your gut!”

Slowed cognitive function is more closely related to conditions such as leaky gut, candida and bacterial dysbiosis. The short and thick is bacterial dysbiosis just means your bodies good to bad bacteria ratio is tilting heavy to the dark side.

What is the Gut-Brain Axis?

The gut-brain axis (GBA), or gut-brain connection, explains the link between the emotional and cognitive centers of the brain and intestinal function and gut microbiome.

Your gut and brain communicate through the VIVA LAS VAGUS nerve. More commonly known as just the Vagus Nerve by boring more professional people.


Viva Las Vagus


Your “second brain”, the gut doesn’t do a lot of complex thinking like arithmetic or a witty response to your latest crush but it does get on with the essential daily grind involved in digesting your food. Lots of mixing, contracting and absorbing, breaking down food and extracting all the vital nutrients and vitamin that do the body good.

Your brain has a trillion little neurons firing off while your gut has a million of the same neurons.

And all those neurons lining our digestive system allow it to keep in close contact with the brain in your skull, via the Viva Las Vagus nerves we talked about earlier, which often influence our emotional state.

For instance when we experience "butterflies in the stomach", this really is the brain in the stomach talking to the brain in your head. As we get nervous or scared, blood gets diverted from our gut to our muscles and this is the stomach's way of throwing up its protest signs.


How to Banish Brain Fog?


Now that we’ve covered the #Science let’s get into how we open up the lines of communication for a clear, fog free brain.


The 5 steps to healing

Leaky Gut Syndrome


  1. Remove foods that are causing inflammation, like breads, peanuts, vegetable oils such as soybean, safflower, sunflower and canola oil. Factory farmed meats, deep fried foods and chemically filled foods such as margarine.


  1. Replace with foods that are anti-inflammatory like fruit, vegetables, sea vegetables and leafy greens. Stick to grass-fed meats which are also anti-inflammatory, as well as most nuts (peanuts are NOT nuts), seeds and wild caught, fatty fish such as salmon.


  1. Repair leaky gut. Your body might have brain fog because of food allergies and sensitivities you acquired because your gut sprung a leak. While repairing your leaky gut remove these foods. If you want to banish them for good purchase The Delicious Detox Gut Refresh for a meal plan and strategy on how to remove, replace, repair, rebuild and rebalance your gut!


  1. Rebuild your body that might be a little damaged. Eat high quality protein, collagen and drink that bone broth! Here’s a delicious, gut healing DIY broth I love. It also is a two in one because you make shredded chicken that you can add later to say a Coconut Thai Soup. Intake lots of antioxidants because your antioxidant stores might be depleted from a long standing relationship with poor digestion. The oxidative stress from free radicals can also lead to brain fog. Antioxidants neutralize those free radicals from doing more damage helping to clear up some of that brain fog. Also taking a digestive enzyme to replenish the ones your body may have used up!


  1. Rebalance your microbiome. Move your gut back from the dark side by incorporating a probiotic! In my humble yet professional opinion, I dare say this is the MOST IMPORTANT SUPPLEMENT! Our good guys have been blasted from antibiotics from our doctor, milk man and butcher because America is adding those into what feels like EVERYTHING! We’re popping birth control, NSAIDs and maybe a xanax here and there and that is damaging our world inside our guts. Taking a probiotic daily helps recoup the damage done.

Essential Oils for Banishing Brain Fog

A few other things that help my mental clarity are essential oils, snake oil as my husband calls them. I’ve become a HUGE FAN of essential oils since my snake oil making husband brought them home. They have endless combinations, the ability to manipulate your mood into being one you want and they smell AMAZING!


Here are the top essential oil recruits for banishing brain fog


Tangerine: Promotes bliss, soothes the central and sympathetic nervous systems.

Sage: helps to improve memory and insight. Stimulates the brain helping you to focus.

Rosemary: Supports memory and mental exhaustion. Shown to improve speed on cognitive tasks. This may mean you’ll be an expert mathematician and it also might not.


Peppermint: Helps to alleviate tension headaches and stimulate the mind to enhance focus. Peppermint is also fabulous for digestion. I use calm essential essentials, which has peppermint as one of the oils for a quick tummy ache fix. It’s applied directly to the abs in a circular motion to increase digestion.


Supplements for Banishing Brain Fog


B Vitamins: B vitamins are da bomb for increasing energy, banishing brain fog and giving you that boost you need. I love this liquid B12!

Vitamin D: Making sure you get Vitamin D through diet and supplementation is a great way to preserve brain health. You can get it from the sun but best do it early in the morning before its at its peak to avoid sun damage. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin which means it’s activated by fats like avocado or olive oil. I use this liquid Vitamin D.

Omega-3: Your brain is primarily made up of fat. This is why that fad of low-fat and fat free diets made everybody so hangry. Omega-3’s decrease inflammation and improve the number of neural connections in your brain. Inflammation is pretty much the root of all evil. Supplementing an Omega-3 can be a game changer for your brain. I love this brand as well as this liquid brand.

Bacopa: The herbal “Adderall” of its generation. This ayurvedic herb has been used for centuries to enhance memory.

With soooo much distraction it’s even more important to make your brain is in tip top shape. Implementing these life HACKS can make a HUGE difference on your mood, mental clarity and even your quality of sleep.

What do you do to Banish Brain Fog?

I’ve been running my brain ragged lately. Creating all the recipes for The Delicious Detox Gut Refresh, writing up all the science and making it have a little sass and making it not so sciency you fall asleep, while also planning photo shoots and collaboration has me in brain overdrive. Currently I’m typing this up at midnight while my husband is adorably snoring in the next room with Atreyu and 5 lb dog who snores even louder.

I realize that another great tip for mental focus is focusing on one thing at a time. I’ve had to turn off all notifications and then put on this silly app that grows a tree for the amount of time you set it. This means if you open your phone, you kill your tree. It sounds elementary but you guys it totally works for me. It helps me focus on one task at hand.

Thanks for hopping over to Chanelle Cozette and until next time,

I love your guts!