Lacy Gadegaard from Laced Hair


| Helllooo Gorgeous!!! It was kind of love at first sight when I met you!! ). Ok, enough of me buttering your muffin. Go ahead and introduce yourself to everyone: |



Oh, the chemistry was mutual my love.

Hi!! My name is Lacy gadegaard, founder and CEO of Laced Hair Extensions, Salon owner and a single Mom of two boys 7 &9 .. Oh and I have this lame disease that I’m fighting (and winning) called Multiple Sclerosis….


| Tell us all about your company! Feel free to brag a lot!! |


You guys!! I really love what I do, I love making women feel confident. Our brand of extensions has become a staple here in utah (which makes me so grateful) but we have really gotten quite a bit of celebrity clients over the years s well.. We helped celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa with the Victorias Secret Fashion show 2 years in a row. Graced ABC’s the Bachelor (contestants) with their beautiful locks, Emmy’s and Oscar celebrity stylists use our brand on their clients and Most of the Hollywood celebrites are sporting our brand (they’d rather not have their names mentioned).

| Tell us all about why you started Laced Hair Extensions? |

I have been doing hair for 16 years, the first time I got hair extensions with my thin fine hair, they really changed how I felt. I had never had confidence like that before… I knew people needed to know more! 8 years ago I started my company, mainly for my own use, but my friends loved the quality and then the word of my brand got out on Instagram and we just grew from there. I love how many women we’ve helped with their confidence.


| Best health tip/trick/hack? |

Having HEALTHY snacks on hand at all times, getting too hungry always leads to poor eating choices.. I love having RX bars, almonds, or apples in my purse at all times.

| Let’s talk quick n easy meals— I heard from a lil bird that you have some busy mama meals. Tell us about them! |




I LOVE to cook, but I know it gets hard to cook a huge meal after a long day at work. Sometimes simple is ok…. I usually like to cook big meals so we can have left overs for lunches or for dinner the next day.

I make almost every week

Bone-in Maple mustard Chicken

Goods To Get:

4 large bone in chicken thighs or breasts (remove the skin)

2 tablespoons dijon mustard

1 clove minced garlic

½ teaspoon sage

Salt and pepper to taste

3 tablespoons maple syrup


Pre heat oven to 375 F

Combine ingredients in small bowl. Spread mixture evenly over the chicken carfully to make sure it will form a “crust”.

Bake 40-50 minutes in a glass dish, or until a crust has slightly hardened and the juices run clear when the chicken is pierced!

I usually serve this dish with sweet potatoes tossed in olive oil and sage

Almost every morning I have a bowl of cottage cheese and raspberries

Mid morning snack a handful of almonds and ½ avocado with a little seasalt

I also live 100% gluten free because of my Multiple Sclerosis and celiac disease


| How do you balance the beautiful life of motherhood with being a business owner? |



Balance is a relative term… I am not sure anyone has that nailed down.. I will say I just HAVE to make sure and make a daily plan, almost down to the hour. I’m also a single Mom so I usually have A LOT of help from people. I would say that just asking for help when you need it has been the hardest thing for me to do, but also the most rewarding.


| What’s in your bag!? |


It’s funny, because I am soooo not an organized bag person so this might be boring

I love my Freshly Picked backpack, laptop and charger, cell phone charger, gum, digestwel+ digestive enzymes, lip gloss, snacks, advil, daily planner, a book, sunglasses and my inhaler

| Beauty tip that we MUST know about? |

I think a LOT of people don’t know about dry shampoo… washing your hair everyday is actually REALLY damaging. Water is an alkali, not to mention then you have to blowdry, flatiron and or curl! So the fix? Just use dry shampoo in between washes!

I'm obsessed with R&Co which we sell all their products in my salon!


| You know me, I’m all about the supplements! What are your favorites and why?! |


I use The Love Your Gut repair kit religiously, I am always open to trying new things with my health.

MS makes you have very low Vitamin D levels, so I take that daily.

I also take Biotin that is great for hair and skin health

The “gut microbiome” really helps regulate my inflammatory activity and with my autoimmune disease. I focus on keeping it well taken care of so that it keeps taking care of me.


| Give us all your links so we can stalk the ish out of you! |

Personal insta @lacygadegaard

Business insta @lacedhairextensions


Lacy thank you so much for a glimpse into your world! 

I just want to add that Lacy has pulled through for my numerous times when I need a last minute root job, my hair did for a photo shoot or when I sneakily eloped and called her sooooo early while she was on vacay to get the deed did. She was whispering from the bathroom telling me she’d love to be a part of my big day. 



Her whole staff made me feel like a million bucks on the best day of my life. My hair was absolute perfection and we all know I can’t create that kind of magic on my own. #nohairskillswhatsoever

Hit them up if you want your hair done magically and snag up her hair because it’s a dream.

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