Low FODMAP Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

I fell in love with these at Disneyland nonetheless. They were one of the only things I could eat on the Gut Refresh but they are also super delicious and the perfect grilled item… people not on a protocol will snatch them up as well. 



  • 1 pound asparagus

  • 1/2 pound of bacon


  • Heat grill to around 400 degrees.

  • Snap those asparagus spears in half.

  • Slice each strip of bacon in half, then wrap it around both halves of the asparagus spear.

  • Toothpick the bacon through the loose end on top at an angle, so it goes through the bacon on the other side.

  • Grill for about 25-30 minutes, flipping them over halfway through.

    If you want to try these in the oven instead, place each prepared bacon wrapped asparagus spear on a roasting pan, and roast at 400 for 25-30 minutes


Here's a little #ScienceWithChanelle tidbit on asparagus

You're not alone if you think your pee stinks after eating asparagus and you can blame that on Asparagusic acid. As the name implies, asparagusic acid is only found in asparagus. (As far as we know)

When our bodies digest the veggie, they break down this chemical into a group of related sulfur-containing compounds with long, complicated names, fun ones include dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, dimethyl sulfoxide and dimethyl sulfone. For simplicity sake, let's just say sulfur stannks! 

Don't worry though, it isn't bad for you. Just a sulfur side effect. 

Happy Grilling!!