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| My girl McKayla in the house!! So excited to have you and your abs on here..  Ok enough is enough, go ahead and introduce yourself: |

Well hello, so honored to be on Chanelle’s blog! Some of you may know me as @helloburpees. I’m 23 living in Utah with my husband Ryan and pup Henry. I am working on my Bachelors in Exercise Science at Utah Valley University and training clients online through my app! I love veggies, ice cream, the ocean & Netflix!


| Tell us all about what got you so passionate about health and fitness?! |

It all started with the influences I had in my life. Growing up I was constantly learning from my Dad & Grandpa about the body. I learned to have this love for the human body and the incredible things it could do. That ignited the flame of taking care of it through what I ate and exercise. As I got older, I also realized that the freedom I desired in life would come from a strong healthy body. I never want my health habits to hold me back from anything.

| Best health tip/trick/hack? |

Keep it simple. Drink lots of water, fill yourself with veggies, BE ACTIVE ( aka: don’t sit on your butt all day), exercise, & prioritize SLEEP!


| Weekly workout schedule? |

Sunday I have an active rest day where I go on lots of walks with Ry and Henry, Monday I train legs, Tuesday I run, Wednesday I train back + chest (sometimes back and shoulders), Thursday I do a HIIT workout + core, Friday biceps, triceps, + shoulders, and on Saturday I do a HIIT workout + core again!

| Let’s talk building muscle and being a vegetarian! There are so many misconceptions out there. Tell us how you do it!! |

Same way everyone does! I eat protein. I just choose to get my protein from veggies; combining incomplete proteins together (i.e. hummus + pita bread), tofu, eggs, protein shakes, greek yogurt, and many more.  A huge factor into building muscle is when you eat your protein. I make sure to get lots of protein after I workout! In the last year I have also added a BCAA supplement to my routine and have noticed a major difference.


| What currently lights you up and makes you feel alive? |

Training my “Moms”! My stepmom is fighting for her life against cancer so I have been training her weekly after her chemotherapy. Research has shown it to not only help fight the cancer, but also improve her life now and after the chemo. I also have been training my Momma who was just diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. She hasn’t had the healthiest life and she finally has chosen for herself to flip a 180 to live a healthy life. Now she works out daily, one of those workouts being a training session with me. One thing that they think has been a factor that lead to the Crohn’s disease was her stressful life and what she ate.  Exercise has already helped a lot to relax as well as crave food that nourishes her.  

| What’s in your gym bag!? |

Hahah you would ask this question on the week my bag is a complete and utter mess. I always keep 2 jump ropes, booty bands, ankle weights, pre workout,  sweat rag, hair tie, hickies ( just incase my shoelace breaks), headphones, lip gloss, and Ryan’s raquet balls! {{Right now it has some hitchhikers in it though that I need to clean out haha!}}

| Beauty tip that we MUST know about? |

Take your vitamins, pre+probiotics pixie's and collagen so you can have good hair, skin, and nails!

| Give us something we wouldn’t know about you by following you online!? |

I have 4 sisters, 2 step-sisters, and 2 step-brothers. I am also the 2nd oldest!


| You know me, I’m all about the supplements! What are your favorites and why?! |

GH-7 because it helps your body to absorb nutrients better, Vitamin D for good brain function, Pre+Probiotic pixie (duh!) because it is good for your gut and without a healthy gut you are screwed! Use my discount code: 413945 for 10% off your first order! B12 because I don’t get it from meat, fish oil because it is good for your heart, BCAA for muscle recovery and development, and last but not least, a good plant based protein to get a little extra protein in my diet and it is so yummy, I love this chocolate peanut butter one by Ideal Raw! Use: Helloburpees for 10% off 

| Give us all your links so we can stalk the ish out of you! |

Insta: @helloburpees


Thank you Chanelle for your love for the body and the time you put into constantly learning more and then sharing it with the world. You have become someone I really look up to and I appreciate what you're doing!

| Well shoot girl, thank you!! Thank you for coming on and spitting some of your veg head knowledge. I loved that part about pairing incomplete proteins! Go follow her for some major motivation and fitness nutrition! |