Non Toxic Sephora Roundup


It's not good enough to just LOOK good.. we want to FEEL good too gosh dang it!!

When I realized that all the stuff I was putting on my body was getting INTO my body I just had to make a change. Especially the stuff I use EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

My previous shopping habits at Sephora mirrored my Costco habits. Give me a sample and I'm ALL YOURS baby! I was slathering on every sample, hormones be damned. I decided I had to CLEAN up my act and get serious about BETTER BEAUTY products. This had me avoiding Sephora all together because finding NON TOXIC skincare that actually worked was impossible, so when I got my email about their BEAUTY INSIDER APPRECIATION EVENT, I was less than inclined to check it out. I had been snagging my Organic Self Tanning Drops & Organic Dark Tanning Mousse for months now and I tried out and loved this Jet Lag Mask but other than that there just wasn't anything pulling me to come back. 

That however suddenly changed once I saw they're selling my beloved COLLAGEN! As you can see by this blog post and that blog post.. oh and how about this one, that I'm a huge fan of collagen for your gut, skin and joints! This is the brand I recommend on THE GUT REFRESH, autoimmune and gut healing protocol and meal plan. 

Right now the sale is only available for VIB Rouge members until September 3rd. If you aren't a Rouge yet, no worries. Save this blog post for next week when the sale is open to the other membership levels. As always it's free to join Sephora's rewards program & you get points towards samples and the brand new feature of getting points towards full sized products!! 


Beauty Insider Appreciation Event deets: * all codes are valid for ONE TIME USE online & unlimited use in store!

  • VIB Rouge 20% off 8/24-9/03 w/ code ‘YESROUGE

  • VIB 15% off 8/30-9/03 w/ code ‘YESVIB

  • Beauty Insider 10% off 8/30-9/03 w/ code ‘YESINSIDER


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Sephora Supplements & Sunless Tanners

Remember if it's a link then you'll see it in PINK. 

  1. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer: I have used this in my Coco's Collagen Latte and you guys it's amazing! It adds an extra dose of coconut or if you want to swap it out for the vanilla then be my guest because they both are made from grass fed collagen peptides.

  2. HUM Collagen POP: This is a bizarre one but for some reason I just loved it. They're these effervescent tablets, not sure what that means then think alka seltzer. They're fizzy and fun. This brand was genius and combined the collagen in with vitamin C. If you've been around for awhile then you know I've been yelling it from the rooftops that you HAVE to have vitamin C in order for your body to produce collagen. Collagen doesn't equal collagen. Meaning you can't just take collagen to produce collagen. Your body will take those amino acids and use vitamin C as part of the catalyst to create collagen in your skin, gut lining and joints.

  3. Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen: I mixed this with pre+probiotics and true lemon packets, froze them in the most adorable lemon shaped cubes and then poured Strawberry Zevia on them. You guys, run make a whole bunch to last you a month and you'll see your skin change right before your eyes. Here's the full blog post on it.

  4. Isle of Paradise tanning drops: It's green. I'm fully aware of how weird that is. Here's the thing though, the green counters the red in your skin. This is fabulous for reducing the appearance of acne scars or pimples. I actually started with the drops and just mixing them in my favorite non-toxic moisturizer but then later I also snagged the green spray. Make sure you wash your hands. I used to use any left over lotion for my hands but it's not the best idea when using these drops. If you want some supplement and non toxic acne tips make sure to check out this blog post.

  5. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: I know I know. Vital Proteins is coming in clutch on this blog post but 20% off of it, is just too good to pass up. This can be added to my Coco's Collagen Latte, to your morning Coffee, Matcha, Probiotic Coconut Milk Yogurt or I love it in my Tropical Gut Refresh smoothie from my meal plan. It's unflavored so you can add it to just about anything. If you only pick one collagen then this is it!

  6. Isle of Paradise Mousse: I recently snagged this Isle of Paradise product because I wanted something a little darker for my legs and I love it. I switched from St. Topaz to this and haven't even considered going back. The lavender hue in it creates the prettiest tan.

  7. Jet Lag Mask: I travel lots for work. Public speaking all over the country. This mask promises that I won't look like a dried up prune when I land and it delivers on that promise. It's soooo moisturizing and made the CLEAN list on Sephora. I use this after boating or hiking, those times my skin needs a little extra TLC.


Above are my top picks because I use them just about everyday but if you have money burning a hole in your pocket then here are other products I LOVE and got from Sephora.

I also use the Clarisonic and massage head to help with facial inflammation. I love that just with the switch of the attachment head you can use it to exfoliate, blend in makeup, get your lymph system moving and take off your makeup! I use the PMD when I travel and it's less expensive if you're not ready to commit to the Clarisonic. 

I bought Rose Spray from Trader Joe's and was all jazzed about it, only to realize it's full of perfume and other garbage I don't want to go spritzing on my face. I did my research and found this Herbivore one. It's clean, refreshing and has rose essential oils in it which helps with aging! They also have a body oil in the same adorable millennial pink bottle.

Have you ever heard of oil pulling? It's where you swish coconut oil in your mouth and it extracts toxins and kills bacteria. Kopari has these convenient little coconut oil packets with essential oil essences in them. I use them while traveling to give me just a little extra detox so I don't get sick!

In the carousel pictures above, I linked other suggestions that my holistic homies recommended like a BKR bottle, Tatcha cleanser and a few others! 

If you want more on my non toxic beauty products then check out this blog post on mineral sunscreen and this one that is all about acne! 

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