Protein Pasta


I’m loving lentils.... Who woulda thunk that these ugly, little beans would have my heart?!

Ladies and germs, I’m mainly plant based with a paleo-ish attitude. However, I hate to put labels on my eating because to be honest I’m a 90-10 eater. That 10 is filled with S.A.D food, ya know the Standard American Diet!

Lentils fit the “plant based” part of my diet but not the paleo-esque side. They also contain FODMAP’s which my Delicious Detox Gut Refresh is primarily based on. In short FODMAP’s have sugars that can contribute to excessive gas and bloating.


Jk that’s the least grossest thing I talk about so be prepared. I mean just glance over my “Endometriosis, what a pain” post!

On my Delicious Detox Gut Refresh elimination program you REINTRODUCE beans during around week 6, waiting until your leaky gut is fully healed, your microbiome is balanced and digestion is in working order. That way your body is fully equipped to digest, absorb and reap the rewards of a nutritionally packed bean.. Without having the musical fruit aftermath.

If it's going to have me making music then why even eat this ugly bean?!


Product Perks

  1. Protein Duh!! This protein pasta is a veg head dream. Veg Head is my endearing term for my vegetarian friends. It started with my girlfriend ----- who is one of my fav Veg Heads of all time. Check out her mental health blog post here!  Fun fact is about 26% of lentils calories are attributed to protein, making them a fab source of protein.

  2. Digestive Health. Lentils have loads of insoluble dietary fiber to help prevent constipations and digestive disorders like IBS, diverticulosis and general GI distress.

The reason lentils are considered a “musical fruit” or a toot maker is they have high levels of fiber. They also have high levels of phytic acid. It’s job is to protect the plant from predators.

#CCguthack : Soak lentils or lentil pasta in cold water overnight to significantly reduce their phytate levels! Then cook them in fresh water in order to #BeatTheBloat another #CCguthack is to cook them with carminatives. These are herbs and spices with carminative properties like garlic, fennel, lemon, parsley and star anise.

3. Heart Healthy AF. Several studies have shown that eating high fiber foods like lentils can reduce your risk of heart disease. These little guys are also a great source of folate and magnesium, which are big contributors to heart health. Magnesium improves blood flow, helping oxygen and nutrients get distributed. This is also great for your skin, sweat session, sleep and stress! In fact low levels of magnesium have been directly associated with heart disease. Lentils can keep your heart happy!

4. Blood Sugar Balancing!! Fiber has loads of benefits. Soluble fiber traps carbohydrates, slowing down digestion and stabilizing blood sugar levels. This is a HUGE help for those of us who don’t want our food turning into sugar quickly increasing our pant size or those with diabetes, insulin resistance or hypoglycemia.

Now onto the sauce. This Low FODMAP spaghetti sauce is soooo good, it’s DELICIOUS, easy, simple and clean!!

I mean all it is, is chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil, salt and basil!! You don't have to be a food scientist to replicate that!




Basil also has carminative properties, helping you digest your Protein Lentil Pasta even more!

#CCRecipeHack Top this with my Presto Pesto found in The Delicious Detox Gut Refresh or top it with chicken, add in grass fed ground beef or keep it meatless because the protein content in the Lentil Pasta is AMAZING!

I don’t mess around with making this in small amounts. I soak the whole box in cold water overnight then cook them the next day. Eat what I want and put the rest in my fav glass tupperware. I’m pretty much a holistic 50’s housewife, loving all the tupperware I can get my mitts on.

I’d even go to a glass tupperware party at this point.

Don’t judge.

What else could we top these noodles with!? 

Love Your Guts,

Chanelle Cozette