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I’m not ready for Fall but that doesn’t mean Fall is going to wait for my sun loving self. Don’t worry though, I slather on the mineral sunblock. These are just a few of my favorite self care… not so secret, secrets.

Adorable Insulated Tumbler:

You gotta Chuga Chuga Choo Choo at the hydration station if you want your bowels to be on the right track. For some reason drinking enough water to lubricate your loins in the summer is not easy.  My number one tip is to buy a cup you love.. cough cough.. I love my Yeti’s. They keep my water frigid cold and are dishwasher safe! Plus I can fill them with an extra large Coco’s Collagen Latte & it’s warm ALL DAY LONG!

Pre+Probiotics Pixie:

Probiotics are da key to a balanced body and brain. I will never be able to preach this enough. A happy gut, makes for a happy human. I always up my pre+probiotics as the seasons change so that I don’t get any of the bugs being passed around. Pre+probiotics Pixie’s aren’t freeze dried which kills and damages probiotics, they’re coated in a patented plant lipid so that they can survive your stomach acid, making your gut the happening place for all the body benefitting goodness.

Produce Keeper:

Freeeeeeesshhh produce. Snacking on fresh berries, snap peas, cucumber slices and carrots but darn it all they’re not that easy to keep fresh. I’m a Costco shopper. What in the world would I do if I didn’t buy 86 cups of spinach?! I mean c’mon guys, it’s an essential to buy in bulk. In order to not feel uber guilty about wilted lettuce and bad berries, I prep my produce the day I buy it and put it in these containers. It keeps my fruits n veggies fresh. I use my cucumber for this snack and this sip.

Silicone Fun Bags:

Freezer meals comin in clutch morn’n & night. I make all my smoothie packs in these reusable silicone bags at the beginning in the week so that all my EARLY meals are easy. Just add water, a packet of repair+ & collagen.. and my gut is happy. I’ll fill them with my Paleo Chili, Coconut Thai Soup and Turmeric Grass Fed Hamburger for my LATER & LATE meals. Those are tasty recipes found in The Gut Refresh ProgramI love that I can boil my food right in them, stick them in the oven or microwave them if needs be without any nasty BPA’s.

Eye mask:

Gimme all the ZZzzzzz’s….. I’m not saying you need a silk eye mask to get beauty sleep, but it doesn’t hurt!?! The main thing is not messing up with your circadian rhythm. Blue lights from our techy stuff is messing up our internal clocks and that can mess up your cortisol levels, which leads to jacked up guts. BTW I updated my iPhone and let’s just say the new feature that tracks the amount of time we spend on apps has me seriously considering my tech time. #ashamed

Blue Light Blockers:

Blockin out dem haters ya’ll… These adorable spectacle spectacles help filter out the blue light that as I mentioned before is messing up with our sleep.

Collagen sample pack:

Sample something new for your health. It doesn’t have to be collagen but try something new. A new dish, a new veggie or a new supplement. I tried frozen avocado in a smoothie recipe from my GUT REFRESH meal plan and it was soooo good.

I also started playing around with anti-inflammatory herbs in my day to day dishes. There’s something refreshing about switching things up and I’ll be honest with ya’ll. Turmeric has been my go to herb of choice. I feel really accomplished when I do new things to improve my health. I still am impressed by my Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen Concoctions:

I mixed this with pre+probiotics and true lemon packets, froze them in the most adorable lemon shaped cubes and then poured Strawberry Zevia on them. You guys, run make a whole bunch to last you a month and you'll see your skin change right before your eyes. Here's the full blog post on it.

Marble diffuser:

I’m drinking the Essential Oil Kool-Aid. Okay I’m not ACTUALLY drinking them, we’ll save that for another day. However, they are legit when it comes to improving mood. I wrote this blog post on essential oils to beat brain fog. I use them to clean my air, like I wrote about here. Snag a cute diffuser and some oils and diffuse your stress away.

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