I'm a Functional-Food Expert: Here's How I Stay Regular When I Travel


Traveling Tummy Tamers


Even though I want to chill out on the beach, do nothing but relax doesn’t mean I want my bowels to join in on my laziness!!

Has anyone else noticed your bowels pull an all out rebellion, becoming way more sluggish than you are on vacay and has the gall to go and get constipated?!

Well sistas that was me plus more, when I was traveling almost every weekend guest speaking on gut health around the country.  I was less regular on my visits to the porcelain throne, my skin was far less glowy and my sleep wasn’t fabulous.

That was until I developed a Traveling Tummy Tamer Tool Kit to prevent constipation from ruining my zen. I realized there were a few key things I was missing to keep my digestion running smoothly and consistently.

These tips are for those like me with just slight inconveniences in the potty department during travel and for those who are backed up for dayyyysss!

I’m going to start off with the things I was missing that were affecting me, even with a pretty healthy gut!


// 1. Pre+Probiotics // 2. Repair+ // 3. Yeti // 4. Collagen // 5. Liquid Stevia // 6. Coconut Oil Packets // 7. Digestwel+ // 8. Pill Case //

Science With a Dash of Sass


PROBLEM: Going from an uber ride to a long plane ride and back into an uber, makes for HOURS of inactivity. Lack of physical movement leads to lack of bowel movements.

GUT HACK: In order to fix this I’ve made a few tweaks. I make sure to walk around the airport and not just sit and wait for the plane to board. I go indulge in the “ “ magazines or look at all the cheesy souvenirs. Then when I get to the hotel, if I don’t have a meeting then I’ll go work at the gym. Just walk and answer DM’s and emails for at least 30 minutes to get my body going. If I can’t do that then in my room I’ll do calf lifts because that will get the lymph system moving.


PROBLEM: For the most part, how your food is prepared and cooked is out of your control. As a guest speaker I’m usually bound to hotel options and even though I choose good for me foods I may still have more exposure to inflammatory grain-fed meats which tax the liver, gallbladder and your gut lining. This can sloooooow down digestion and prevent you from eliminating. That’s just the meat, add in that most conventional restaurants use inflammatory vegetable oils and you may find lots of overcooked, process, less fresh and fibrous veggies.

We need that fiber to keep us regular and to feed the good bacteria in our guts.

#GUTHACK: Do your darndest to pick functional foods like veggies, meat and healthy fats. Check out the restaurants before you travel. For example, I stay in the same Marriott in Minneapolis and all their meat is grass fed and local.

I also take repair+ twice a day to bump up my fiber and help me keep things on the reg. I take digestwel+ with each meal and roll on my favorite gut going essential oil blend!


Healthy fats lubricate the intestines and allow for easier removal of waste from the body.

This is why I always bring my coconut oil packets! I use them in my Coco’s Collagen Latte, if I find a place with a baked sweet potato, I’ll order it naked and pour on my own coconut oil. I’m the type of gal who asks for exactly

I also pack macadamia nuts because they’re my favorite, brazilian nuts because that gives me my daily dose of selenium and nut butters to pair with fruits.

I used to pack a blend of tea that had licorice root, aniseed and chamomile to help move things along but then I created repair+ to give me all the gut benefiting herbs I was using in teas plus adding in soluble fiber like acacia fiber and   fiber, then added L glutamine to help tighten up those gut junctions and alpha galactosidase to help break down those hard to digest carbs.

It’s my top traveling ingredients mixed into one easy to use drink. I really can’t recommend it enough!


PROBLEM: Toddler sized water on planes, all-inclusive bars and heat are just a few of the reasons loads of my clients become dehydrated while traveling. For me it’s the toddler sized water bottles. You need to lubricate your loins my friends and those bottles just aren’t cutting it. My fix….


YETI… If you know, you know. I carry this thing with me everywhere! It keeps my drinks frigid cold, just as I like them.

Hydration is an important stop on the way to good digestion while traveling.. or good digestion all the time tbh.

You need water to poop well. A dehydrated body just doesn’t lend itself to the relieving nature of a good poop. WE ALL WANT A GOOD POOP!

You can add some flavor and function if you want! I use core AO for a tasty antioxidant drink, I also mix this strawberry lemonade collagen in with half a packet of a true lemonade packet. Just stay away from sucralose, artificial dyes and sugar alcohols as they all mess up a good gut.

IMG_0039 2.jpg


PROBLEM: Traveling messes with the body’s circadian rhythms (24-hour sleep-wake cycle) You’re traveling to different time zones, sleeping in a different bed, stress and usually lots of screen time will impact your body’s circadian rhythms which in turns messes with your digestion.

Sleep disruption can impact the gut microbiome and amplify stress, all of which contribute to sluggish digestion and poor waste removal.

#GUTHACK: Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Both interfere with sleep and contribute to dehydration. If it’s nighttime during your flight then try your best to sleep on the plane: I do ALL the things, earplugs, headphones, SUMMER FRIDAY’S face mask, and a scarf over my eyes. If it’s daytime I try my darndest to not sleep on the plane. I also wear these adorable blue ray blocking glasses.

Snag Magnesium to take before bed! Magnesium has a double-sided approach to helping your bowels: It helps calm the nervous system and reduces any stress that’s causing your pipes to clog and hold on to poop.

Magnesium is also a muscle relaxant, which means it helps relax the intestinal muscles and help poop move through the intestines easily.

I also use BLISS which is an adaptogen mist that helps bring the body back into homeostasis. Increasing sleep and decreasing stress!!


PROBLEM: Sometimes people pick up a parasite or bacteria when traveling, this jacks up the gut function in a lot of ways which may include diarrhea or constipation.

#GUTHACK: Make sure your gut health is on point before. Take your fiber, pre+probiotics, drink loads of water and move daily. This will help a ton if you catch a bug. I bring extra pre+probiotics pixie’s, calm to help reduce gut inflammation and activated charcoal. You can read all about why on this blog post! Plus the drink actually tastes really good.


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