Gut Refresh Challenge & Meal Plan

Gut Refresh Challenge & Meal Plan


The Gut Refresh Challenge was created to help your body battle off bad bacteria, reduce belly bloat, overcome weight loss plateaus, stabilize fluctuating skin issues and establish a strong, healthy environment for your GI tract to effectively heal itself.

Join the #GutGirlGang a 6-week Gut Refresh Challenge! Snag the book below, add yourself to the FB group linked in the ebook & LET’S GUT STARTED!

This 6-week challenge includes

  • The Delicious Detox Gut Refresh e-book by Chanelle Cozette

  • Comprehensive list of foods to eat & foods to reintroduce later on!

  • Cooking guide, shopping list & a full 4 week meal plan with all the recipes & recipes for your reintroduction meals

  • Supplement guide with required, recommended & even personalized suggestions.

  • All the dirty deets on leaky gut, FODMAP & balancing your microbiome.

  • Weekly check-ins with Chanelle—certified nutritionist & autoimmune expert

  • Educational facts about fermented & cultured foods & DIY tutorial

  • Free access to the GUT GIRL GANG closed Facebook group where we share ideas, recipes, tips, and friendships with our gut community

  • Weekly prizes for social media submissions

All of the meal plans have been expertly created to repair the GI tract by eliminating foods that damage your gut then gently reintroducing foods into a gut that is capably of breaking it down.

These next 6 weeks will enable you to eat your favorite delicious, healthy foods without the gas, bloating and tummy aches you experienced before.

This digital download includes, surprisingly delicious, simple meals for each week, as well as shopping lists, a food prep guide, a checklist to make sure you're eating what your body needs, macro counts, inch loss tracker, a symptoms tracker and a supplement sheet. It's an all inclusive guide to help reset your body back to its high speed, high functioning factory settings.

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